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Thursday, March 24, 2011

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Best kalau ada iPhone 4

Dok surfing sambil tunggu buat survey ni, aku pun survey la kejap pasal iPhone 4. Ikut hati nak gak beli satu. Tapi apakan daya budget x mencukupi, lagi pun dah tie ngan Celcom (blackberry pakej) untuk 2 tahun.

Sambil tu buka la untuk melihat apa yang patut. Sini aku pastekan artikel pasal iPhone 4 untuk tatapan semua.

iPhone 4 Review Part 1- "Awakening Of The Beast"

By Pradeesh
iPhone frenzy , well thats all I would say. No matter where you go , or which part of world you are in. People would give that look. If you¡¯re an iPhone or iPod Touch user or an Apple user , you know what I am talking about. Apple iPhone has completely changed the way how we use our phone. Its more of a social communication device. I mean phones have completely changed. Back then we used phones to place a call , then SMS surpassed that which enables us to send a quick text message whenever calling was not convenient. Then we had Internet on our devices which allowed to get information in real time. Recently , the whole social-sphere has changed the way how we communicate.

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  1. hi, the link for iphone & Baca lanjut... is wrong, should be Please correct it. Thanks.


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