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Sunday, May 15, 2011

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Broadband experience with DiGi

I;ve been using mobile broadband for quite a while, from celcom to Maxis. Now I'm using DiGi as my backup broadband connection and it serve me so good. Why I'm saying that?

You need to understand of the Fair Usage Policy before subscribe to broadband. fair Usage Policy (FUP) was designed to restrict the speed once you reach the quota applied. So once you reach the quota, the speed will be reduced significantly.

My experience with Celcom and Maxis is, once reach the limit, your speed will be reduce, even equal to speed of old dial up modem. Let say 52kbps.

But with DiGi, its different. Even you have reach the quota, your speed will only be reduce to 128kbps, even sometimes, I could reach about 300kbps at midnight.

So thats the different. And one thing for sure, If your mad late payment to Maxis, then you will be charged about RM10 for re connection. But sadly you haven't received any notice about that.


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