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Friday, April 1, 2011

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Posh pupils ogle topless Miss pics


A STUNNING teacher fled one of Britain's top private schools in tears after discovering TOPLESS pics of her had been circulated among its 825 male pupils.

Pretty former model Joanne Salley — already a favourite among the lads at £30,000-a-year Harrow in Middlesex — was left humiliated after finding out the saucy pics had been ogled by hundreds of young boys.
The risqué images of art teacher Miss Salley, 32, were found on a memory stick in the posh school's photo lab.
The polo playing Cambridge-educated beauty and former Miss Northern Ireland had posed for them in front of a professional photographer who happens to be a fellow teacher at the school, Fiona Corthine.
A source told the Evening Standard: "Everyone already thought she was a babe anyway, so naturally the photos went round the school like wildfire."

Headteacher Barnaby Leon said: "The pictures were stolen without the agreement of the photographer, who holds the copyright.

"Joanna was understandably very upset."
Miss Salley, an old flame of England rugby ace Matt Dawson, had co-hosted C4's Big Breakfast with presenter Johnny Vaughan while Miss Northern Ireland before settling into teaching.
And the beauty, from County Tyrone, made an immediate impression when she arrived at the posh establishment.

One pupil was so enamoured with her he turned up to her lessons even though she didn't teach him.
She once admitted: "One of the boys kept sending me love letters, which wasn't really appropriate.
"Another pupil used to turn up to my classes even though I didn't teach him. When I got angry with him, he seemed to like me even more."

Source: The Sun UK


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